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Diving Santa Catalina, Panama

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Beside diving, tell us about Santa Catalina: Other activities in the area include surfing, kayaking, horse riding and yoga. Two beaches end of the road to Santa Catalina and hotels and restaurants provide delicious treats for after any in-water activity or a lazy day in the sun.

Describe types of diving in Santa Catalina: The underwater topography consists of volcanic rock (similar to that of Cocos island and Galapagos) and most dives are drift dives. Diving Santa Catalina you will find most of our dive sites are located in Coiba National Park, a protected area of 270,125 ha, 216,543 of which are marine park. Declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2005, offers some spectacular diving all year round.

How many dive sites in Santa Catalina: + 20

Best dive sites: All our divests have different things to offer at different times of year. Some of the most famous are Buffet, Iglesia and Sombrero de Pelo.

List fish commonly seen in the area: White tipped reef sharks, spotted eagel rays, mobula rays, whale sharks, eels, frogfish, turtles, seahorses, dolphins, humpback whales.

Best time to dive Santa Catalina: Year-round. Shallowest dive 8M/26F. Deepest Dive: 30M/100F. Visibility: Good. Any Wrecks: No wrecks. Suit required: Long Wet Suit 3mm.


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