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Diving Accessories

Divers in the search of comfort and safety will always look for diving accessories.Below we have listed the top 10 accessories that all divers should have and the complete list of other accessories you will love.

Diving Accessories

Top 10 Diving Accessories to have

kit de reparacion Para El Buceo

#1-Repair Kit: Equipment maintenance is very important, but if you are away from home it is a good idea to put together a spare parts kit with the most commonly broken, lost or worn out items. For more info on equipment maintenance.

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#2-Surface marker buoys (SMB): Diver below or ascending. SMB makes boat drivers see you from far at the surface. The Yellow SMB itDive Decom Signal. is used more commonly in tech-diving and means emergency underwater/ need assistance.

diving bag

#3-Diving Net bag: This bag is very convenience. It allows to place all your necessary equipment inside allowing then to drain when wet. It even has a dry pocket for items not to get wet, like your cell phone.


#4-Diving GPS: If you ever get loss at sea, this marine GPS has a range of 34 miles/ 55Kilometres and it cost less than some of your other equipment.

Key Bak

#5-Diving KEY-BAK: Also call a retractor or coil lanyard. Ideal for fastening any kind of equipment you can't afford to lose. Mount your instrument console, a light or other diving accessory to your BCD.


#6-Knives: Can come in handy should you ever get entangled in a fish line; usually attached on the diver's leg or BCD.

LightSmall Light

#7-Lights: Mandatory for cave and night dives. The small ones can be used during daylight looking in small holes and as a back-up.

shake-noise signal

#8-Noise Signal: Call the attention of your buddy by shaking this diving accessory underwater.
Another option will be a Tank banger.

Noise Alert

#9-Signal Alert: Noise alert at the surface for buddy or diving boats in the area. It also works underwater. It uses a small amount of air from your tank to make the wistle, but do be careful and gentle on your ears - these whistles can be really loud.

Diving Compass

#10-Diving Compass: Navigational instrument for finding directions and helping you find orientation. Use on the wrist or regulator's console.

Other diving accessories that you should consider
Diving Tank or Cylinder

Diving Tanks: Are made out of either Steal or Aluminum. Aluminum tanks are lighter but hold less pressure. It is better to rent the tanks than own one.

DIN ValveYOKE valveTank's valves: If you own your tank, these are the valve choices: DIN valve; that is typically used with high-pressure steel tanks; or Yoke valve with an o-ring; which is by far the most common style in use.

Snorkels: Together with the Mask, it helps you at the surface by saving air, energy, and you get to enjoy yourself while you wait for other divers to surface.

Snorkel Vest

Snorkel Vest: to keep safety always first.

Hose RetainerHose Retainers: Keeps gauges and regulators close to your body. An essential accessory for protecting fragile marine environments from damage by dangling equipment.Easy to use, hoses snap in and out of the holder.


Diving Gloves: For protection against cold water and the environment; must fit over wet suit sleeves.


Weight-Belt: will help you go down when equipment makes you too buoyant.

Diving ankle WeightDiving Ankle Weight: When your fins and boots are too buoyant the Diving Ankle weights help to prevent your legs from floating upwards as you dive. They keep your fins in the water at the surface and also have easy release buckles in case of emergencies.

BootsDiving Boots: They have to be comfortable combine with the fins and if you have a wet- dry suit they must fit over properly.


Diving Hood: To prevent heat loss from the head and neck area.


Whistle: Very important to call the attention at the surface of buddy or diving boats near on the area. Not for underwater.

Small tank

Spare Tank: use as a back up to provide air to any out of air or low on air divers, including yourself.


Reels: used in search and recovery dives and are critical for cavern and wreck dives, where divers need a reference to exit or go back to the surface.


Mouthpieces: Always good to have a spare one for the regulator.

Inflatable diving buoyDiving Buoy: Indicates that there is a diver below. No boats are allowed and there is a second, larger zone in which boat's speed is limited. Recommended when not diving from a boat.

diving scooterDiving Tank Banger For buddies who want to quickly capture the attention of another diver. Pull and release it to make contact with the tank making a very noticeable noise.


Diving Slate: When hand signals are limited, slates enable divers to communicate better.

Diving TablesDiving Tables: Very important to use when planning your dives and decompression stops; don't be afraid to put it in your BCD's pocket.

diving scooterDiving Scooter: Or Diver propulsion vehicle can be helpful for long distances dives and for divers who have some impairment. Owners must read the manual carefully and always stay at the same depth, because changing depth with a diving scooter can be dangerous.

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