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Snorkeling is a great activity to discover the underwater world. It is fun for all ages and can be practiced anywhere. It is so easy and almost not instruction is required.

What you need for snorkeling?

All you need is basic gear like a mask, a snorkel, fins and in some occasion  a vest for safety. Also, mandatory is the use of sun cream on the whole back (ankles, and rear of your thighs). It is very easy to loose track of time and get a sunburn.

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Best destination for snorkeling

Some of the most mentioned snorkeling destination with no specific order:

Bimini Islands, Bahamas.
Culebra, Puerto Rico.
Salt Cay, Turks and Caicos.
Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia.
Isla Holbox, Mexico.
Safaga, Egypt.
The Philippines.
French Polynesia.
The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Solomon Islands.
Laughing Bird Caye, Belize.
Stingray City, Grand Cayman.
How much is the cost for snorkeling?

Another good thing is that snorkeling gear is cheap. Once you own your equipment you can go in the water with no tour guide. Many resorts rent the equipment or have it included in your vacation package.

Safety concerning snorkeling

Avoid practicing this activity in boat congested waters. Some snorkeling trips or snorkeling tours use a buoy to avoid any accidents. Also follow the #1 rule of snorkeling: "Look, but don't touch".

What if I am afraid of deep water?

This activity can be practiced on the shore. Many kids and adults enjoy snorkeling looking for snails in the sand.

I always get water in the snorkel

Old snorkels had the tendency to fill with water every time you moved your head at an angle or with a wave passing by. The new snorkels have an design that avoid any water entering the snorkel and also have a more easy way to clear the water out.

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Will I be able to go deep?

The more comfortable you feel doing this activity the more you want to go deeper and stay longer underwater and scuba diving is one of the best options for that.

Snorkeling and Diving

A good snorkeler will find no obstacles in doing their scuba diving lessons or going on their first dive. For many divers, snorkeling was the beginning and the majority of divers will still go snorkelling from time to time.

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