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Diving Fins

Part of the basic scuba diving equipment, diving fins or diving flippers allow you to move through the water efficiently and are composed of a foot pocket and blades which provide thrust to the angle you are going.

churchill modern fins.

Owen Churchill popularize the first widely used scuba fins
in the late 1930s, they were to small and not too good for diving but more than 50 years later they remain popular with body-boarders and surfers. Today's fins are longer and manufactures concentrate on power, flexibility and innovation.

When buying Diving Fins

TIP # 1: You must know how strong your leg muscles are, because if your muscles aren't that strong or you don't dive or exercise often, hard and long blades on fins can make your dive uncomfortable and you will not happy with your purchase. So try the fins on and swing your legs in the air. This should give you a clear idea if the fins are stiff or flexible and how they will behave underwater.

TIP # 2: Full-foot/Pocket fins or Open Heels. Lots of divers prefer open heels thanks to the boots that provides comfort, more protection, insulation and less or no blisters.

TIP # 3: For full-foot or pocket fins, make sure that they fit correctly by moving your legs and ankles up and down. Not losing them is a good sign of proper fit and they must be neither too tight or too loose, and of course, comfortable.

Diving Boots

TIP # 4: When buying open heel fins, remember that you have to purchase boots first and wear them while trying on your fins.

TIP # 5: Find the degree of buoyancy of the fins - if they pull your feet up, you will need some weight on your ankles.

Make it a habit to always perform a check on all your equipment before a dive.

Diving Fins Maintenance

After diving, always clean your equipment in fresh water to help remove all the salt, dirt, and sediments like sand. Remember to dry your equipment out of direct sunlight.

Top Fastest Fins for Divers

Some divers prefer faster and powerful fins due to the speed and acceleration underwater. Most of these fins require strong legs and muscles.

Free Divng Fins.

Used by many world-class free diving competitors for a reason. The desing has a better snap for better performance, long blades for maximize thrust and energy efficiency.

Force Diving fins.

Force Fin
New style of fins that produce no toe squeeze and calf fatigue. Toes-free foot reduces cramping and leverages power from your strongest kicking muscles.


ScubaPro Seawing
The blade offers a near-perfect balance of stiffness and flex, producing a propulsive snap that will rocket a diver without a hint of leg pain or ankle strain. The fin delivers effortless acceleration.

DiveRite XT Fins. DiveRite XT Fins
The XT with a design that has been proven and successful for over 20 years. They are stiff, yet with plenty of snap and are lighter in weight than traditional rubber fins.

Adjustable Diving fins. Adjustable and long diving fins for extra power, stiff material on blades and the curvature of the channels provides extra thrust. Need strong leg muscles, good for currents.

Cressi-ARA-EBS. Cressi-ARA-EBS The blade that provides an excellent response and the weight is no longer a problem. These fins provide more thrust power to a diver’s kicking, which results into an excellent effort/performance ratio.

Other Top Fins and Designs

Full foot Diving fins. Balance blades with soft comfortable foot pockets. Simple and affordable.Slipt Diving fins

Split Diving Fins Creates less strain on the leg muscles compared with traditional fins, reducing the diver's fatigue; a design that produces forward motion (lift) with less effort. You will need more kicks when you are in currents.

Mares unique Diving fins. Mares revolutionary fin, Optimized Pivoting Blade system is a technology that ensures the blade is always at an optimal angle during both the up and down stroke. Great flexibility.

Delfins Fins Nature inspired engineering, uses simple physics that fish have been using for over 500 million. Works great with traditional kicks, but offers new kicking techniques. Natural wing/sail shapes work just like the sails on a boat creating an easy powerful propulsion. Extremely lightweight for increased performance.

Walking Diving Fins Fins are not designed for walking??? Not Any More....With this new design you can put your fins on before entering the water. This used to be a challenge to both new and experienced divers in boats and at the beach.

Slingshot Diving Fin Aqualung Slingshot:This fins use power bands that are loaded with energy on the power stroke. As the name say it they release or shot their energy prior to the upstroke to provide an added boost of power. Instead of wasting your energy. This power bands can be shifted to 3-speed gear that customizes your speed to effort ratio to fit the specific conditions of your dive. Amazing.

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Diving Fins
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