Tips for buying Diving Cameras

While you are underwater, diving cameras will help you keep memories for your own enjoyment and to share it with your family and friends. Underwater photography is a favorite hobby for many divers who start taking them and then learn through trial and error.

Underwater photography requires awareness of your surrounding, for personal safety. For new divers - the more time you spend scuba diving, the more you will appreciate the risks and problems, and you also will be better prepared to handle them.

Cameras For Underwater Photography

We remember the old days when many divers had a disposable camera for diving. Now a day disposable cameras are discontinued.

In the digital world there are so many cameras on the market, but only a few can get wet and go underwater. For serious diving; divers need  diving cameras that can hold more than 45 meters / 150 feet and all these cameras required to have housing for protection.

Disposable camera

On your search to buy your first diving camera you will have many choices. See below some of the options available for divers when it comes to find the perfect camera for diving.

Waterproof or amphibious cameras

Hold from 5 to 10 meters / 15 to 33 feet of pressure. Beginners or first time divers may use amphibious or waterproof cameras in shallow dives, but this type of cameras are ideal for snorkeling or snuba. Waterproof cameras will not survive a diving trip without a housing.

Amphibius camera

Olympus Stylus

Amphibius canon

Canon D10


Pentax Optio WS80


Panasonic Lumix
DMC Tc25

Nikon  camera

Nikon 1 AW1
Mirrorless camera
waterprooof to
49 F/15M.



Camera and housing together

These cameras are sold with diving in mind. They come with their own housing. Most of these cameras have a land and underwater settings and many accessories. They hold from 45 to 60 meters / 150 to 200 feet of pressure. A great way to star if you are a serious diver.

Intova IC 600
See review below


Bonica Snapper XP

SEA LIFE dc1000_elite

Sea Life DC1000-Elite
See review below.


Epoque EHD-800Ai


Sea&Sea DX-1200HD



Housing for specific compact camera

If you have already a digital camera, look for the specific housing on the market. Compact cameras have the advantage of less weight, easier to carry, cheaper and easy to pack when traveling. Some of the disadvantages with compacts cameras is that they have lesser quality optics, smaller sensor size and some lack full manual mode.

Housing for
Canon camera


Housing for
Olympus camera


Fantasea makes housing
for a variety of
point and shot
camera's brands

Diving_Camera_Fuji Film

Housing for
FujiFilm camera


Ikelite makes housing
for a variety of cameras.
From point and shot,
Dslrs and video


Housing for
Panasonic camera


Housing for
Sony camera


They make waterproof
cases for a variety
of cameras



Housing for 4/3 or mirrorless cameras

This style of camera brings the best of two worlds. Mirrorless cameras lack the presence of internal mirror. This feature allows the camera bodies to be smaller like compact cameras, but at the same time they have a bigger sensor and are equipped with an interchangeable lens mount like DSLR cameras.



See review below


OE-D EM-5/Nauticam

Nikon  camera

Nikon 1 AW1
Mirrorless camera
waterprooof to
49 F/15M.

Sony Nex 7

Sony Nex 7/Nautican Nex7
Considered as one
of the most powerful
mirroless cameras



Housing for DSLR's cameras

Best quality pictures thanks to a more larger sensor size, faster and more responsive performance, a larger variety of dedicated lenses and more camera advance fixtures are some of the advantage of the DSLR cameras.


1DS Mark lll
Housing for Canon
1DS Mark lll


CRX_C1001 Housing
for Canon Rebel
xs/EOS 1000

Diving_Camera_Dslr SeaCam

D3 Housing
for Nikon D3

Diving_Camera_Dslr SEA&SEA

RDX_D60 Housing
for Nikon D60

Diving_Camera_Dslr Ikelite

Ikelite makes housing
for a variety of cameras.
From point and shot,
Dslrs and video

Diving_Camera_Dslr Subal

ND700 Housing
for Nikon D700

Diving Camera Dslr Olympus

Olympus DSLR
PT E05 Housing
for Olympus E-520



Housing for Video cameras

If you have already a video camera, look for the specific housing on the market.

Diving video Bonica

Snapper HDDV

Diving Video Epoque

EHS-1000HD for
Sanyo Xacti VPC-1000

Diving video Dicapac

They make waterproof
cases for a variety
of cameras

Diving Video Light & Motion

Light & Motion
BlueFin SR12 for
Sony HRD-SR12

Diving Video Equinox

Pro 6 for Sony
DCR-HC52 and

Diving Video Gates

FX7 For Sony

Diving Video Ikelite

Ikelite makes housing
for a variety of cameras.
From point and shot,
Dslrs and video

Go pro hero 3

Go Pro Hero 3
This small camera
produces video and
can take pictures
See review below



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Tips for buying diving cameras

TIP # 1: You must know your choices in cameras. There are disposable underwater and amphibious cameras that get the job done. Most people now a day have their own digital camera. So; we recommend looking for housing for specific camera that will give any diver's hobbits a wider choice of cameras. There are cameras that come with their own housing and lest not forget about video cameras.

TIP # 2: Because the first colors you lose at depth are the warm colors (red, orange, and yellow), you will need an artificial light source (a strobe or flash) to capture bright colors, that is the key to great underwater pictures. If you don't have a strobe a red filter will help to obtain some color in the picture.

TIP # 3: Remember that housed system are usually bulkier and more expensive than traditional underwater amphibious.

TIP # 4: After buying the camera, it is a good idea to try and check the case for leaks. Simply follow most of manuals' instructions: lubricate o-ring and close the case, then submerge it in at least more than 30 cm (12 inches) of water, and look for signs of bubbles.

TIP # 5: When looking for better picture also look for fast shooting cameras or see for yourself what can happen on the examples below.

Diver and FishDiver and Fish

Maintenance and Care for Diving Cameras

Prior to diving, there is a list of things to do with your camera: Use new batteries. Check the o-ring for any dirt or tear and lubricate the o-ring. Close camera case to protect it from hits and scratches. Keep it away from the sand and direct sun light.

After diving, always clean all your equipment in fresh water; removing all the salt, dirt, and sediments such as sand. Remember to dry your equipment out of direct sunlight. For your camera, it is recommended to keep it in cold fresh water for at least 5 to 10 minutes, when it is the time to open, be sure that it is dry and blow hard arrowed and then open it carefully so that no drops of water go inside. The best way is holding the camera upside down.

Diving cameras we used-reviews

Some of the diving cameras we reviewed may be discontinued, but there are better versions from the same manufacturer every year. We suggest to take a look at some of our pictures taken with these cameras and then surf the net to find a newer version.

Camara Intova

Intova IC 600 review

Digital Camera of 6 MP with 3 optical and 4 digital zoom. Housing has a doble o-ring and rated to 54m/180 ft.

Our comment : We recommend using a red filter to help get a little color in your images.

Underwater pictures taken with Intova IC 600

Some Diver's Pictures Ocean Lives

SEA LIFE dc1000_elite

SeaLife DC1000 Elite review

A 10 mp digital camera with 5 optical and 5 digital zoom. The Elite Set comes with digital camera, underwater housing rated to 60m/200 ft, digital strobe, wide angle lens, and soft storage case.

Our comments: The learning curve with this camera is short and with a couple of dives you will be taking good pictures. Although it took us a while to understand how to find the video options underwater.

Underwater pictures taken with Sealife DC100

Trinidad, Cuba Best Picture 2010 More Diving Pictures
Diving Pictures 2011 Tobermory, Canada

Olympus E-PM1 + PT-EP06 case

Olympus E-PM1 Camera + PT-EP06 Housing review

The E-PM1 is a 12 megapixel camera, very compact, easy to use and thanks to the mirrorless technology has a very fast auto-focus system. With a 5.5fps burst shooting, 1080i HD video recording and a maximum sensitivity of ISO12800.

The PT-EP06 case is waterproof up to a depth of 45 meters/ 148 feet. Its high-quality polycarbonate design and engineering seals cameras completely from any trace of moisture, as well as cushioning the sensitive equipment from knocks and bumps on land.

Our comments: When the Olympus E-PM1 and PT-EP06 housing came to the market they had a very attractive price for divers interested in good quality underwater photography.

Underwater pictures taken with E-PM1 + PT-EP06

Diving Pictures 2012 St. Martin 2013 Diving Saba
Diving Cayo Largo

Go Pro Hero 3

Go Pro Hero 3 review

The Go Pro camera has call the attention of many sport enthusiast. Very small and simple to use with many accessories to mount the camera. Housing resist depth of 60m/198 ft. Shoot professional 1080p videos and still 5 to 12 megapixels pictures at the same time.

The new model Hero 3 comes in three different editions: white, silver and black.

Our comments: For underwater we recommend the black edition because it has better low light performance than the white or silver edition. Also we recommend the use of a red filter to help obtain some color in the pictures.

Underwater pictures taken with GoPro Hero 3

St Martin/St Maarten

Around the Wreck

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