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Diving Sosua Dominican Rep

Diving Sosua Dominican Rep. One of the many destinations in the country with nice diving.

Sosua Bay_Sosua Beach

Sosua main attraction is the cristal waters on the beach. Situated on the north coast of the island, has been a top tourist destination for Europeans since the seventies. Snorkeling is a popular option. The beach is a U-shaped beach of fine sands. There are multiple water sports that can be hired right on the beach. It is easy to swim to the reefs for snorkeling.

Divers of all levels and many hotels in the area(Puerto Plata, Cabarete and Maimón) come to dive in this area to enjoy the variety of diving excursions that include: shallow reefs (3 Rocks and 5 Rocks + The Wall), shipwrecks (Zingara), deep water diving (Piramid) and two big wall with differents sites to dive in (Airport Wall + The Wall).

Best dive sites in the area: Airport Wall, 5 Rocks, 3 Rocks, Zingara Wreck, Canyon, Ray Point, Mini Wall.
List fish commonly seen in the area: barracuda, lion fish, reef fish, sea horses, spider crabs, lobster.
Best time to dive: Year-round.
Shallowest dive: 8M/26F.
Deepest Dive: 40M/132F.
Visibility: Good.
Any Wrecks: Yes, One only.
Suit required: Long Wet Suit 3mm.

Sosua Beach

Some of the information about Sosua and photos below were provided by the diving center:

Aqua Adventures By Scuba dive Sosua
Sosua Beach Sosua Beach Sosua Beach

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Sosua dives in 2004

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