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Diving in Paphos - Cyprus

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Beside diving, tell us about the area: The coastal city of Paphos (Pafos) has been populated since the pre-historic times and is one of the oldest cities in the world which has seen rise and fall of many kingdoms. It also has religious importance as the Greek goddess of beauty and love, the Aphrodite, was born here.

As a reflection of its rich past, the city bears several landmarks and monuments which in the present times are well-known all over the world. Places like the Aphrodite's Rock, Paphos Archaeological Park, Akamas Peninsula are swarmed by the tourists and the number of tourists visiting this coastal city is increasing every year. The shoreline is home to a number of pristine beaches which are popular amongst the locals and tourists alike.

Describe types of diving in Paphos: cave diving, shore diving, wreck diving, night diving, boat diving, snorkeling.

How many dive sites in Paphos: + 50.

Best dive sites: sea caves and amphitheatres.

List fish commonly seen in the area: groupers, turtles, moray ell.

Best time to dive in Paphos: October. Shallowest dive 8M/26F. Deepest Dive: 40M/132F. Visibility: Perfect. Any Wrecks: Several wrecks. Suit required: Long Wet Suit/Hood 3mm.


ScubaDivingFanClub has no link or connection with the companies you find on our site.

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