Diving Guardalavaca

Russian tanks in Cuba

If you are planning a dive trip to Cuba, I have to say that Diving Guardalavaca was a nice experience for us.

After landing in Holguin airport and a 45 minutes drive north to Guardalavaca. The small town have many attractions for visitors and the main beaches of Esmeralda and Guardalavaca have some nice hotels and it seems more resorts to come in the future.

For diving in Guardalavaca area there were two options and Eagle Ray Scuba Diving Center have a amazing team.

Eagle Ray Scuba Diving Center
Tel: +53 24 430316
E-mail: dircomercial@marlin.gvc.tur.cu
ScubaDivingFanClub does not have any link or connection with the companies that you find in our site. About prices and excursions please contact them directly.

What we like:

The area is protected by coral reefs and they have a great wall with several sites to dive and explore. Some sites on the wall have really nice tunnels to dive through. Also nice to see is a grave yard of Russian military equipment that includes tanks underwater. To see the Russian tanks the conditions must be optimal due to the sand around.

What we did not like:

Some shallow dives are not that great due to some white corals and the lack of marine live and many divers skip the second dive every day. Also the fish population is decreasing in an alarming rate and a company called Gaviota tours have an activity for reef fishing in the area that is not helping and the funny part is that they do diving excursions too.

Below some of our pictures and videos of Diving Guardalavaca
Provided by Ronnie 2017.


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