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Diving Kas-Turkey

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Beside diving, tell us about the area: Kas is a small historical town on the south coast of Turkey. It was one of the most important marine cities and wine production sites of the Lycian civilization and is now surrounded by rock tombs and ruins of the ancient city Antiphellos.

Kas Antiphellos Right across from Kas, there is the Greek island Kastelorizo. It is only 3 miles ( 5 km ) away from Kas. There are daily excursions by boats to Kastelorizo and also to another antique city of Lycian Civilization the Kekova Island. If you want you can go; kayaking, mountain Bike and Paragliding.

Describe types of diving in the area: We have 35 different diving spot in Kas and every day we are going to different one. Wreck Dive (Airplane - Ship) Cave Dive, Canyon Dive, Night Diving, Technical Diving- Deep Diving.

How many dive sites in the area: 35. Best dive sites: Canyon Dive Spot. List fish commonly seen in the area: Kind of mediterranean. Best time to dive: July. Shallowest dive 18M/59F. Deepest Dive: --. Visibility: Good. Any Wrecks: Yes, One only. Suit required: Long Wet Suit 3mm.

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