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Santiago De Cuba

Cuban Fortress

The second most important and largest city after "La Havana". Santiago de Cuba offers one of the best Cuban diving sites of the country with many small hills separated by narrow pockets of sand. These hillocks are covered with beautiful invertebrate fossils forming caves and tunnels protecting a big variety of fish, crustaceans and mollusks.

Cuban history is not only found on the streets but also underwater around this province, there is nothing more exiting than the well preserved wreck: El Cristobal Colon, once the pride of the Spanish navy that went down at 90 kilometers/ 55miles west of Santiago de Cuba more than 100 years ago during the war between Spain and USA.

Diving in Cuba
Cuban wreck-war USA vs Spain
Battleship Cruce Cristóbal Colón / Snatiago de Cuba

Battleship Cruce Cristóbal Colón moments before it is abandoned in the mouth of river Turquino, Santiago
de Cuba. 3 de Julio 1898.

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