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What do you wear underneath a 3mm wetsuit?

What do you wear underneath a 3mm wetsuit? We will be diving in Bonaire in September.

ScubaDivingFanClub Answer:

A 3mm wetsuit (long or short) is the perfect choice for diving in Bonaire. Now...What to wear under the wetsuit?

What you have to consider is comfort and hygiene.

If you own your wetsuit you obviously don't have to worry about hygiene as you are the only one using and cleaning it. Make sure the bathing suit you choose to wear under your wetsuit is comfortable and simple without clasps, beads, accessories. Remember the wetsuit will flatten the swimsuit against your body. You are trying to avoid things digging into your skin or making imprints as that will not feel comfortable.

On the other hand if you rent the wetsuit for hygienic reasons wear anything that will cover your body from half way up your thighs and up (men or women).

I have my own wetsuit and I always wear a Lycra short sleeve shirt and shorts underneath my wetsuit.

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