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ABC Islands

The ABC islands consist of three islands that are all located in the South of the Caribbean, off the coast of Venezuela. These three islands are Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. All three islands are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. They also used to be part of the Netherlands Antilles, that was dissolved on 10 October 2010.

On all the ABC islands, Dutch is the official language, mostly used among the Dutch people and for official business. Papiamento a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, English, French, is mostly used among the local people, and English seems to star to dominate because tourism is one of the biggest economies on all three islands.

The ABC islands have in particular that the North-East side of each island faces directly to the winds coming from the Caribbean (good for windsurfing) and the South-West is protected, making calm and clear waters all year around, these being good for diving. Another good point is that the ABC islands are out of the Caribbean hurricane path.

Although the ABC islands are culturally and geographically closely related, each island has its unique characteristics:

Diving in Aruba

Map and diving sites in Aruba Aruba is an autonomous, self-governing member state of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Of the ABC islands, Aruba offers more of a party atmosphere. They have a noticeable American influence, big hotels, fine beaches, shopping, casinos, restaurants and a vivid night life. Aruba attracts millions of visitors and cruise passengers, most from North America and nearby Venezuela, and it ranks as one of the Caribbean's most popular vacation spots.
Though Aruba is known more for its beaches than it's diving, it does have some exciting dives sites along the Northwestern coast of the island including a few shipwrecks and other spots between Manchebo Beach and Baby Beach.

Don't miss the wreck of the Antilla near Eagle Beach. The Antilla is a 400’ cargo ship that sunk in the 40's and so far is declared as the largest wreck in the Caribbean.

Diving in Bonaire

Map and diving sites in Bonaire A diver's paradise. Almost all visitors to Bonaire are drawn by scuba diving. Bonaire is a quiet place with an exciting underwater world and nature. Perfect for relaxing and getting away from noise and stress. Good choice if you want to avoid high-rise resorts and crowded beaches.
Corals in the ABC Islands

From the ABC islands Bonaire is considered every year as one of the world's top 10 diving destinations. One reason for this is that Bonaire is surrounded by fringing reefs and has an enormous variety of fish, sea turtles, rays and other marine life. All these are accessible just a few feet from the shore. Between "1000 Steps Beach" and "Pink Beach" there are more than 80 dive sites that also go around the "Klein Bonaire Island".

Corals in the ABC Islands Scuba Diving-Diving_Up_The_Wall

But before you go in the water, every diver must attend a mandatory dive orientation and obtain a marine park tag. The marine park tag cost around $25 USD, and is valid for one year. The orientation and the fee are required for safety and to prevent damage to the reefs and the marine life.

These fees also help locals to maintain, manage, and protect the marine park in Bonaire. No wonder why they have one of the healthiest coral reefs in the area.

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Diving in Curacao

Map and diving sites in Curacao Of the ABC islands Curacao has also a good mixture of beach and nature, night life, culture, history, and shopping. It is the largest of the three ABC islands and is known more for its shopping, European-style architecture, flavour, and friendly multicultural population. Driving around to find the sights of Curacao is easy, you'll find plenty to see and do.
The island has nice dive sites. Majority are located in front of the many hotels between "Boca San Michiel" and "Barbara Beach" on the Southern coast. This side of the island offers a twenty-kilometre Underwater Park. There is diving also around Klein Curacao, a small deserted volcanic island to the Southeast (an hour-and-a-half boat ride from Willemstad). Most sites are rich in coral formations while others have sunken ships and submerged artefacts. Some sites are easily accessible from the shore but most require getting there by boat. Good snorkeling exists at most of these locations. The island has some nice dive sites. Majority are located in front of the many hotels between "Boca San Michiel" and "Barbara Beach" on the Southern coast in the twenty-kilometre Curacao Underwater Park. There is diving also around Klein Curacao, a small deserted volcanic island to the Southeast (an hour-and-a-half boat ride from Willemstad). Most sites are rich in coral formations while others have sunken ships and submerged artefacts. Some sites are easily accessible from the shore but most require getting there by boat. Good snorkeling exists at most of these locations.

Dive Centers/Dive Club information

Address information, phone number and email address.

Island Dive Centers/Dive Club
Scuba Diving FlagMermaid Sport DiversTel: 11 297 587 4103
Fax: 11 297 587 4106

Scuba Diving FlagPelican WatersportsTel: 297 587 2302

Scuba Diving FlagPrivate DivingTel: 297 565 6564
Fax: 297 578 3460
Scuba Diving FlagRed Sail Sports ArubaTel: 11 297 583 1603
Fax: 11 297 582 6657

Scuba Diving FlagS.E. Aruba Fly 'n DiveTel: 297 588 1150
Fax: 297 585 2023

Scuba Diving FlagUnique Sports Of ArubaTel: 297 586 0096
Fax: 297 586 0096
E-Mail: see website
Scuba Diving FlagBlack Durgon InnTel: 599 717 5736
Fax: 599 717 8846

Scuba Diving FlagBuddy Dive ResortTel: 599 717 5080
Fax: 599 717 8647

Scuba Diving FlagCaptain Don's HabitatTel: 599 717 8290
Fax: 599 717 8240

Scuba Diving FlagCoco Palm Garden & Casa OleanderTel:

Scuba Diving FlagDeep Blue View Intimate ResortTel: 599 717 8073
Fax: 599 717 7826

Scuba Diving FlagDive Friends BonaireTel: 599 717 2929
Fax: 599 717 2929

Scuba Diving FlagDiv'Ocean BonaireTel: 599 717 4944
Fax: 599 786 2681

Scuba Diving FlagGreat Adventure BonaireTel:

Scuba Diving FlagTropical DiversTel: 599 717 5111
Fax: 599 717 5111

Scuba Diving FlagWannadive BonaireTel: 599 717 8850
Fax: 599 717 6060

Scuba Diving FlagAll West Diving ApartmentsTel: 599 9 864 2310
Fax: 599 9 461 2315

Scuba Diving FlagAnimal EncountersTel: 599 9 965 6940
Fax: 599 9 961 3671

Scuba Diving FlagAtlantis DivingTel: 599 9 465 8288
Fax: 599 9 461 2535

Scuba Diving FlagCaribbean Sea SportsTel:

Scuba Diving FlagDive Center AquariusTel: 599 9 737 2248
Fax: 599 9 524 6998

Scuba Diving FlagDive Center Scuba DoTel: 599 9 767 9300
Fax: 599 9 767 9300

Scuba Diving FlagHabitat Dive Resort CuracaoTel: 599 9 864 8305
Fax: 599 9 864 8464

Scuba Diving FlagHolland Diving CuracaoTel: 599 9 869 7060
Fax: 599 9 869 7060

Scuba Diving FlagLimestone HolidayTel: 59 9 976 73007
Fax: 59 9 976 73007

Scuba Diving FlagLions Dive Beach ResortTel: 599 9 434 8888
Fax: 599 9 434 8889

Scuba Diving FlagOcean EncountersTel: 599 9 461 8131

Scuba Diving FlagSunset DiversTel: 599 9 864 1708
Fax: 599 9 864 1214
Scuba Diving FlagSun Reef DivingTel: 599 9 527 5670
Fax: 599 9 888 3594

Scuba Diving FlagThe Dive BusTel: 599 9 693 8305
Fax: 599 9 528 3263

Scuba Diving FlagToucan Diving CuracaoTel: 599 9 465 3790

Scuba Diving FlagUnderwater CuracaoTel: 599 9 461 8131
Fax: 599 9 461 8581

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