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Belize Dive Sites

Interest in some Belize dive sites, here you will find some good diving info about the country.

Belize Map - Diving Map With Belize Dive Sites
Belize Dive Sites Ambergris Caye
Ambergris Caye
The Blue Hole
Turneffe Island

Important About Belize

Belize is a peaceful, English-speaking country on the Caribbean coast, in the Yucatan peninsula between Mexico and Guatemala.

Capital: Belmopan Language: English, Kriol and Spanish. Currency: Belizean Dollar. Population: Approx. 290,000 Climate: warm and humid and the trade winds bring cooling sea breezes. Rainfall is heavy, particularly in the south, and hurricanes may occur in the summer.

The Caribbean coast is lined with 550 kilometers / 342 miles of coral reef and some 450 islets and islands known locally as cayes (pronounced "keys"), forming the long Belize Barrier Reef, the longest in the Western Hemisphere and the second longest in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Diving In Belize

The barrier reef all along the coast provides a rich underwater life, making Belize a diving paradise but also blocks the sand deposits of less-protected shores. Those coming to Belize expecting the wide white sandy beach are likely to be disappointed.

One of the best feature attraction of Diving in Belize, is the opportunity to explore the famed Blue Hole. Situated in the Lighthouse Reef System, it lies approximately 96 kilometers/60 miles off the mainland.

The Blue Hole it is one of the most astounding dive sites to be found anywhere on earth, almost perfectly circular hole. Inside this hole the water is 145 m/480 feet deep and it is the depth of water which gives the deep blue color that causes such structures throughout the world to be known as "blue holes."

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Dive Centers/Dive Club information in Belize

Address information, phone number and email address.
Dive Places Belize Dives Centers
Ambergris Caye Scuba Diving FlagAqua Scuba Center BelizeTel: 501 670 4775

Scuba Diving FlagBelize Ocean DiversTel: 501 226 4166
Fax: 501 226 2397

Scuba Diving FlagBlue Hole Dive CenterTel:

Scuba Diving FlagBottom Time Dive ShopTel: 501 226 2014
Fax: 501 226 2295

Scuba Diving FlagChuck & Robbie'sTel: 501 610 4424
Fax: 630 982 0714

Scuba Diving FlagEcologic DiversTel: 501 226 4118
Fax: 501 226 4117

Scuba Diving FlagGaz Coopers DIVE BelizeTel:

Scuba Diving FlagHugh Parkey's Belize Dive ConnectionTel: 501-226-4526

Scuba Diving FlagProtech Belize Dive CentreTel: 501 226 3008

Scuba Diving FlagRamons Village Dive CenterTel: 601 649 1990
Fax: 601 649 1996
Belize City Scuba Diving FlagBelize Aggressor III(Fleet Boat)Tel:

Scuba Diving FlagHugh Parkey's Belize Dive ConnectionTel: 501 223 4526
Fax: 501 223 7874

Scuba Diving FlagM/V Sun Dancer II(Fleet Boat)Tel: 305 669 9391
Fax: 305 669 9475

Scuba Diving FlagSea Sports BelizeTel: 501 223 5505
Fax: 501 223 7007
Caye Caulker Scuba Diving FlagBig Fish Dive CenterTel: 501 226 0450
Dangriga Scuba Diving FlagHamanasiTel: 501 520 7073
Fax: 501 520 7090
Placencia Scuba Diving FlagRum Point DiversTel: 501 523 3239

Scuba Diving FlagSea Horse Dive ShopTel: 501 523 3166
Fax: 501 523 3166

Scuba Diving FlagSinging Sands InnTel: 501 520 8022
Fax: 501 520 8022

Scuba Diving FlagSplash Dive ShopTel: 501 523 3058
St. George's Caye Scuba Diving FlagThe Lodge on St. George'sTel: 501 220 4444
Turneffe Island. Scuba Diving FlagBelize Aggressor III(Fleet Boat)Tel:

Scuba Diving FlagM/V Sun Dancer II(Fleet Boat)Tel: 305 669 9391
Fax: 305 669 9475

Scuba Diving FlagTurneffe Island LodgeTel: 501 220 4142
Fax: 501 220 4011

San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

Information and photos about San Pedro. provided by:

San Pedro Ambergris Caye is one of the largest tourist islands in the country, filled with different types of resorts and hotels and busy with tourists enjoying a day touring the island with their golf carts or simply enjoying a day of diving. Its commonly known as a scuba diving destination since the barrier reef is just a 5 minute boat ride away. Visitors are also able to do trips from the Island to inland Belize to partake in caving tours, visit archaeological Sites or simply visit the zoo or other attractions nearby.

Best sites in the area: Tacklebox, Esmeralda, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Love Tunnel and Mermaid's Lair. List fish commonly seen
in the area:
Nurse Sharks, groupers, sting rays, morays, bermuda chubs and abundance of tropical fish. Describe types of diving in the area: Drift Diving, Night Diving, Snorkeling, Technical Diving and more. . Best time to dive: Year-round. Suit required: Short Wet Suit 3mm. Minimum depth: 8M/26F. Maximum Depth: 30M/100F. Wrecks: No wrecks. Visibility: Good.

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