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ScubaDivingFanClub is a website about scuba diving information, diving equipment tips, diving destinations and where divers share their passion.

The underwater world seen by divers and snorkelers is an extraordinary one. It is a world defined by Jacques Cousteau as very complex, very well defined and very little understood.

In ScubaDivingFanClub we will help understand this amazing world that brings all divers everyday to enjoy this pass time. Having the feeling of adventure and enjoying the variety of colorful corals and other marine organisms around the reefs that forms a unique panoramic view.

Diving Equipment

Equipment Tips
As a diver addict you will like to have your own scuba gear, but all the necessary diving equipment can cost you.

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Diving Destinations
Some of the best diving sites around the world and dive sites that just a few divers know. Are you ready?

Diving world map

Diving Information
All about diving and how to make it save. For beginners and experts. What you need to know before you go down.

Diving photos

Diving Photos

Diving Quotes

Diving Quotes

Diving Signals

Diving Signals

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